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HAVING GRADUATED WITH A Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Laura has an intrinsic appreciation of the mechanisms and techniques which comprise the art of the tale. She's able to analyze the underlying moods and currents of a book and bring these into her interpretation of the author's work. Her naturally clear and fresh voice as narrator contributes that extra dimension of enjoyment.

 She has narrated titles for Audible Studios, Tantor Media, Insatiable Press, Blackstone Audio, Dreamscape, MacMillan Audio and Brillance Audio.

Audiobook Narration Samples

Audiobook narration samples in a range of styles, accents, and characters.



THE COLONEL'S LADY by Laura Frantz

"Narrator Laura Jennings's use of accents and pacing brings the various characters to life, moving deftly from the twang of the Kentucky soldiers to the pensive cadence of Roxanna and brusque Irish brogue of McLinn--quite a cast of characters to keep distinct."

- Audiofile

"All the way through, Jennings’ narration enhanced the urgency or intimacy of the scenes accordingly. While the story was a bit long (13 hours and 8 minutes), I never fatigued of Jennings voice or cadence. She also assigned enough distinction to each character’s voice that my focus was always rightfully placed. Through her voice performance, Jennings has reignited my interest in Frantz’s other stories."

- Amanda Geaney


CIRCLED by Anne McAneny

"Laura Jennings, the narrator, provides a performance that is natural and precise.  Her easy, smooth flowing voice is soothing and captivating. Jennings was an excellent choice as a narrator as she owned the audio."

- Charla White


JUST CALL MY NAME by Holly Goldberg Sloan

"Teens Sam and Emily found each other in I'LL BE THERE. Now, Laura Jennings's deliberately paced narration highlights their deep emotions as their blossoming relationship is threatened. Jennings's quiet, even delivery suits the serious teenagers who are desperate to hold on to each other even as a new, quirky girl looks to capture Sam's attention. Jennings's gruff timbre and somber tone are well suited to many of the characters and the tension that arises as Emily is kidnapped. Through the climax, Jennings's pace never wavers, allowing profound emotions like fear and desperation to shine without being overshadowed by melodramatics."

- Audiofile


HOW TO CHANGE A LIFE by Stacey Ballis

"Narrator Laura Jennings has a soft, airy voice that lends itself well to the story of three high school friends who reconnect at age 39, vowing to accomplish some of the goals they had set for their younger selves by the time they reached 40."

- Audiofile

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